I’m J. S. Kuiken. I’m a writer, and this is my site.

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The Writer

Since completing my MA in Creative Writing, I have become an English instructor and worked slowly, quietly, and doggedly on my writing.

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The Writing

Your hazel eyes were the same color as summer forests. The color of the living world behind us. Your smile slow, nearly lazy, bloomed in that barren landscape. That’s when I began to understand.

– From “Nothing Beyond This”

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His Aura Publication

Yesterday marked the publication of His Aura: A Collection of Transmasculine Erotica, which features, among many awesome pieces, two of my short stories, “Maddeningly Wonderful” and “A Honeycomb of Nerves”. You can read more about the stories and their background in this blog post. While there is an excerpt on the book’s page of my story […]

Hello, I love you

Lately, I’ve become dissatisfied with sex scenes in fiction. More specifically, the types featured in romance novels and fanfiction. I have to say there is nothing wrong with the sex scenes in these stories. They have a purpose and fulfill that particular purpose. I have just found the sex scenes in some of these stories […]

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September 29, 2017

  • Release date for His Aura anthology, featuring my stories “Maddeningly Wonderful” and “A Honeycomb of Nerves”.

June 15, 2017

June 1, 2017

  • Second draft of Bloom due. Completed 5/16/17