J. S. Kuiken is the author of numerous short stories, essays, poems, plays, and novellas. He is currently at work on a novel. He has published in an assortment of magazines, including Cactus Heart, |tap|, Bosie Magazine, and Foglifter. He earned his MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia and was a 2013 Lambda Literary Fellow.

A queer trans man, he lives in Colorado, where he teaches writing, cultivates an out of control loose leaf tea collection, watches liberal amounts of television, and keeps his cat, Beatrice, in continual supply of wub-wubs.



Alex had been drinking wine, enough that the lines of his wine glass had gone fuzzy. But that man across the piazza remained clear and resplendent.

And Ten More Years

Emery, Ren, and James, a thruple, are celebrating their ten year anniversary, but things are hardly idyllic or romantic. Audio play, Project Outbreak winner, May 2020.

The Greek Boy

Twenty-seven years later, shortly before your life, like a letter, was completed, folded up and sealed; before you left the dazzling amber shores of Celphalonia — you found the boy.

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