I’m J. S. Kuiken. I’m a writer, and this is my site.

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The Writer

Since completing my MA in Creative Writing, I have become an English instructor and worked slowly, quietly, and determinedly on my writing.

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The Writing

Your hazel eyes were the same color as summer forests. The color of the living world behind us. Your smile slow, nearly lazy, bloomed in that barren landscape. That’s when I began to understand.

– From “Nothing Beyond This”

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A Little Bit of Smut

Apparently I have sold two other stories. The ink has maybe kind of dried on the contract, so I’ll just babble about them. I originally wrote the two stories for a colleague. He wanted to start some kind of electronic zine, and I said I’d write some stories for him. I wrote the pieces but […]

I am in the House of Mercy

I’ve been writing shorter fiction this summer, while I’m on a break from my main manuscript. This excerpt is from one of those pieces of shorter fiction, titled Queer as Love. The story follows a married couple as one of them transitions from female to male. This part comes after the narrator, who is the cisgender spouse, […]