Rearrange: Pikes Peak Community College’s Online Creative Writing Journal


At the start of this month, Rearrange, Pikes Peak Community College’s Online Creative Writing Journal launched.

It has, from my understanding, been the culmination of more than a year of work, and represents a very collaborative effort on the part of Pikes Peak Community College faculty and staff. It was originally the brainchild of my colleague, Deidre Schoolcraft, who edited the journal Almagre for PPCC for many years. Several faculty members also contributed to the inception of the journal.  David Hayes has been our talented and dedicated web guru, who graciously designed and put together the site for us.

In the fall of 2011, Deidre and I connected because she wanted help with editing and managing the journal, particularly with managing the internet and media aspects of it. We found a kindred in one another, sharing both creative editorial sensibilities.  In November of last year, I came on as a co-editor and the manager of our social media sites, notably our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

It’s been an interesting few months, between the chaos of the new semester and meeting to finalize the details of Rearrange, including making a very defined mission statement. The site now features the writing of both PPCC students and staff and I highly recommend browsing through the Poetry, Fiction, and Non-Fiction which has been posted over the last few weeks. Deidre and I will also be contributing content in the form of columns at some point.

Submissions are also open at this time, so if you are a PPCC student or member of staff or faculty, or former student, staff, or faculty, please do submit!

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