You Should be Writing

Some of you are probably familiar with that “you should be writing meme”, wherein people take a picture of their favorite TV or film characters, and put the caption “you should be writing” on the picture. You can do a quick Google image search to get the gist of the idea.

I have a few of these pictures saved in a file to try and motivate or remind me to write. I realized, however, there were very few “you should be writing” images with actual, yaknow, writers. Thus, I took it upon myself to further avoid writing to make a few of my own, with writers who have inspired me.

Repost where-ever you like. I don’t own the original images and I ain’t making any money off these silly things. These are just to enjoy and maybe inspire.


Brian Jacques was my childhood hero and if anyone wants to give me shit about this, that’s okay. That just means I got to enjoy his books and you probably didn’t.


Toni Morrison, forever one of my favorites.


Gloria Anzaldúa. Her book Borderlands/La Fronteria was one of the most influential to me as a fermenting writer. It would be more appropriate if the text were in Spanish, but, my Spanish is really really crappy.


N. K. Jemisin, who wrote The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and The Killing Moon, is saddened by your lack of writing!


Nnedi Okorafor. I am in the middle of her novel, Who Fears Death and thoroughly enjoying it.

And finally, the Grand Master of speculative fiction herself, Ursula K LeGuin, in two variations:



Edit: Have some bonus Mary Shelley (the Mother of SFF, really) from this site:


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