This Is Not The Post You Are Looking For

I will be blogging about my experience at the Lambda Literary Emerging Writers Retreat at some point. For now, I really just wanted to write a “thank you” post to all of the people who helped me get to the Retreat.

I would sincerely like to thank all of the people, past and present, who have helped me as a writer. My friends and family have been my strongest support base, and have encouraged me through all of these years as I have learned, and grown, as a writer. You all continue to support me, and your belief in my abilities is extremely humbling, and sometimes (I think) entirely unwarranted.

I also need to thank those of you who supported me financially. A little over twenty people donated to the fund which helped me to attend to the retreat. Without your generous donations, I wouldn’t have even been able to go to the retreat at all. Many of you have also supported me creatively or emotionally as well. For all of these things I am so very grateful. So in alphabetical order:

Maria Balfer
Laura Boylan
Paula Buist
Jodi Cox
Deejay Driscoll
Silvia Gasparini
Lucy Hounsham
Peggy Kuiken
Elisabet Nelson
Jamie Nelson
Fonda Prince
Megan Stuber
Grant Swenson
Kristen Tortorici

And all of those who donated anonymously — thank you all very much for your contributions.

Other benefactors, in no particular order, include: my mom (Peggy Kuiken), my brother, Neil, Roberta Crownover, Jeff Duntemann, C. J. Prince, Laurie Wasmund, Mitch Travis, Giles Foden, and Maja. All of you have been instrumental to my writing in some way, shape or form, and all of you have supported me time and time again.

I also have to thank Nate, Ereon, and Ashley for hosting me in Los Angeles, feeding me, and letting me sleep on their comfy big red couch (dubbed Francine).

Also: thank you Francine. You were a most wondrous couch to sleep upon.

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