Ancient Greek Buzzfeed



(inspired by this post, by terrasigillata)

  • 21 Weird Things All ξένοι Do
  • 17 Times Achilles and Patroclus Were The Most Adorable Couple of All Time
  • 30 Tyrants Killing Us Right Now
  • The 3 Best Satyr Plays at This Year’s Dionysia
  • 4,501 of Xenophon’s Favorite Horses
  • 5 Cutest Kouroi of Alcibiades
  • 15 of The Deepest Phalanxes of All Time
  • 6 Times the Pythia Was Just Screwing With You
  • 1 Time Socrates Didn’t Actually Apologize
  • 12 Things Only Children of Zeus Will Understand

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