Judy Blume, the incomparable writer for young adults, has a
new novel for adult adults about
something totally unexpected: people falling from the sky, and how that can
change onlookers for life in ways they only see when they’re grown. It’s called
In the Unlikely Event and it’s based
on a bizarre sequence of events from Blume’s childhood: three plane crashing in
the space of two months.

“But you know, it’s not what the book is about,”

Blume tells NPR’s Scott Simon. “It’s about how unlikely events can happen to us at any time
and how they change our lives and how when even tragedy strikes we go on.
Because as my father used to say all the time, ‘Life goes on. Life is for the
living. You have to live every day.’”

New Judy Blume Novel For Adults Is Always An ‘Event’

Image: Ariel Zambelich/NPR

New book alert for all the grown-up Judy Blume fans! -Emily

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