Why Is It Like This



The short story I’m currently working on is really giving me a run for my money. (Well, if I had money to run towards?) I wrote the first draft in June, and tried rewriting in August, and I’m revisiting the story now and it’s just terrible. Not the story, but the process of writing it. It’s like pulling teeth, and I can’t figure out why. Is it me? The fact I am out of practice and haven’t adhered to my writing schedule faithfully since August? Or is it this story? 


I don’t know right now. But I’m going to finish this damn story. I am going to rewrite it. 

(Honestly, I think I just need to approach the structuring of it differently, because it keeps becoming a messy, tangled knot of trying to be too much all at once, rather than being more focused. I’ve solved some of that problem already; the original draft is a 6,000 word sprawling mess of six stories trying to be one story. So I’ve winnowed it down to one of those stories, but it still wants to sprawl for some reason. 

There were also issues with having the wrong narrator and point of view.

All and all: le sigh.)

I went on my morning jog, story issues still knocking against the insides of my skull.

I have a mantra about writing, especially when I am stuck with a story:

The simplest solution is the best solution.

It’s always been true, and it is true now. So on to that simplest solution. 

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