Open for submissions.



to Shit People Say to Women Writers. We are an anonymous blog for all
individuals who identify as women and either write or work in publishing
profession. That includes but is not limited to authors, journalists,
screenwriters, editors, students, and those for whom professional
writing is still a dream/hobby. The writing world is full of examples of
sexism, from the girly covers publishers try to foist on female
writers, regardless of the content of their books, to the documented review bias
for featuring male writers in major publications.

Because a lot of writers work alone much of the time, it can be hard to
see the bigger picture and sometimes it feels as if you alone are
affected. This community aims to allow writers to connect and share
their experiences in a safe environment.

If you have a story to tell, we want to hear it. As a general rule, we
prefer to laugh than to cry, so feel free to have fun with your

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