Amrita Sher-gil is considered one of the most important womenpainters of 20th Century India. Known for her paintings of women, as well asher many affairs with both men and women, she is sometimes known as ‘India’sFrida Kahlo.’

 Born to a Punjabi Sikh aristocrat and a Hungarian Jewishopera singer, Sher-gil learned to paint at age eight. She studied in Florenceand Paris, and was influenced by European painters of the time, like Cezanneand Gauguin.

After returning to India in 1936, she was inspired by the
Bengal School of Art, and toured South India, where she found her calling- to
paint the lives of Indian people, particularly villagers and women.

 Just days before the opening of her first major solo show,
Sher-gil became suddenly ill and died. She left behind a large body of work, which
the Government of India has declared a National Treasure, and her legacy has
influenced generations of Indian artists.

(The portrait is approx. 9″ x 12″ and is available here). I’ve also included some of her paintings in this post.

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