Spread the word!

This is actually so important. If you have a book you like, especially a small, indie book, for God’s sake, tell people about it. You might notice I never shut up about Chameleon Moon. This is because I’m the author, but it’s also because it’s with a tiny indie company whose reach can’t compete with major publishers, at all, and if I didn’t, and amazing loyal readers and friends and fans didn’t, nobody would know about it. It’s just how the industry works. it sucks. 

So every time you blog/tweet/share anything, about any book you like? You are helping an author, so much, you don’t even KNOW. Please keep reading, and keep talking!

OH! OH! AND! I just had life-giving, precious coffee, so another point I just thought of!

What kind of books are MOSTLY INDIE or self-published, and it doesn’t mean they’re not good? At all?

books with diverse characters – meaning tons of POC, disabled, chronically ill, neurodiverse, LGBT people, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, AUTHORS who are all of the above!

Books with marginalized casts, and especially marginalized authors, just do not get the same kind of mainstream exposure as books with straight, able-bodied, white, cis, het protags. Think about Hollywood movies. Think about the exact same problems we have there. Books are the exact same way. The books you see in Barnes and Noble are the ‘blockbuster’ films, and they read the same way, much of the time.

If you want to support diversity in publishing, like we need and I know so many wonderful people here do, support your local small press, self-published, indie, marginalized authors, and their books. By spreading the word. Word-of-mouth. Helps. Us. And we will LOVE YOU for it. ❤ 

Chameleon Moon is on my tbr and i can’t wait to read it! 

I also want to remind people that @mevaughan, who created this comic is a bisexual woman who has written a brilliant book called the Sons of Thestian! It has both PoC and LGBT+ characters (check out the list here!) as well as a positive LGBT+ message. it also deals with mental health issues like depression and bereavement without glorifying or romanticizing them! Not to mention that the writing and plot is brilliant!


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