#WriterLifeMonth Day 4: Mock cover art.

The back blurb might run something like this:

Their lives weren’t supposed to change, but when Michael is diagnosed with terminal cancer, his family erupts into communal and private chaos. His husband, Cal, veers wildly between his absolute devotion and his fears of the unknowns. As Michael succumbs to the effects of his illness, Kate, Michael and Cal’s seventeen year old daughter, tries to be the bedrock for her family that her parents can’t be. And Erika, Michael’s older sister, finds herself evaluating her life and relationships, especially as her relationship with Cal becomes increasingly intimate. 

Heh, I kind of made it sound like a novel, but it’s a short story sequence. It allows me to play to my strengths as a writer, and flexibility to tell the story has it needs to be told. 

Note: I don’t remember where I found the picture of the man in the upper right corner, but the picture of the Milky Way is from Wikipedia Commons. Nothing here is used for commercial purposes; I ain’t making money off this. If the original copyright owner(s) wants me to take anything down, I am happy to oblige!

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