#WriterLifeMonth Day 6: Actors who would play your characters. 

Well, this is always a sticky wicket, especially early in a project. My characters are always in-flux until I get to know them. 

You can read about the basic premise of the story here.

My tentative cast would be:

Laura Linney as Erika:


Because Erika is horribly uptight but really well meaning and caring, and Linney could pull that off with grace and gusto. Also: Laura Linney’s dimples.

Hugh Dancy as Cal (short for Calvin):


Because he and Laura Linney had fantastic chemistry in The Big C, and, let’s be real, I like looking at Hugh Dancy. He’s good at people people who are kind of assholes/do assholey things and making them not just likable but understandable and human. Cal definitely has moments of being a total asshole.

Eliza Taylor as Kate:


I would almost have Eliza Taylor’s children. I love her so much in The 100, playing the smart, scrappy, and morally ambiguous Clarke Griffin. She’s just the kind of actress who could pull off Kate, who tries to be her family’s bedrock and finds that is far too great a burden for any one person, much less a seventeen year old. 

Besides – look at that face. She’s so done with other people’s bullshit. . 

I haven’t really sorted out who I would cast as Michael; he’s been fuzzy until recently. Once he really solidifies, I’ll know who would play him. 

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