#WriterLifeMonth Day 8: Awesome moment. 

“Sticking the landing” is a term from the sporting world, specifically gymnastics. If one sticks the landing, you’ve executed your routine flawlessly, but most importantly, when you performed the final landing, you stick it. You didn’t budge an inch, much less trip or fall all over yourself.

As a writer, I love the feeling of sticking my own landings. Of having gotten something absolutely right, down to the blood and marrow of that story, or a particular part of a story. There is nothing like knowing with certainty that I absolutely stuck the landing. 

The last time this happened it was when I finished the last draft of a short story “Speak to Me”. I know I stuck that landing, beyond any doubt. The story was good. 

Right now “Speak to Me” is making rounds with magazines. So far it has received a very nice rejection note. A personalized rejection note, where the editor encouraged me to send more work. In the world of writing and publishing, a personal rejection notice with encouragement to submit is a big deal. Most rejection notices are form notices. It’s lucky if you get a personal rejection. Even more so if you get a personal rejection with encouragement to submit or resubmit. 

So even if “Speak to Me” wasn’t right for that issue of the magazine, I still stuck the landing. It will find the right home, but for now I remain very pleased with the story. 

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