#WriterLifeMonth Day 10: Describe/show your WIP’s aesthetic.

I wrote a short description of of my WIP here, if you’re interested. 

If The Big C, E. Annie Proulx, James Joyce, and Sherman Alexie had a love child, it would be my WIP. Like The Big C, my story covers the morbid surreality of cancer and how it impacts the whole family when someone is sick. Part of the story is set in a small, rural town in Colorado, and discusses the nature of small town life – hence E. Annie Proulx.  The Sherman Alexie part would just be the prose style – full of a certain poetic and frantic energy. And James Joyce because writing which sounds beautiful is ever and always orgasmic. 

(LBR, James Joyce is one of my foundational writers. His work had such an influence on my prose when I was a teen that you can still hear the echoes and cadence of that in my writing.) 

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