#WriterLifeMonth Day 12: Killed Darlings.

I try not to kill characters. I tend to err on the side of “not” simply because I think it can be easier, in some ways, to kill off a character to a) advance the plot b) advance the arc of the main character. In either case, 90 % of the time you don’t need someone to die for the plot to advance or the main character’s arc to advance – you just have to find a different (and probably less cliche) way to do it. 

I do have one darling who must die, because the story is basically about that – his death. It will be interesting to see how that works out, because I’m killing him off right in the middle of the story. Not quite As I Lay Dying levels of mindfuckery with my readers; I’m not killing anyone off in the first fifty pages. But in other ways what I’m doing with my story is worse. Because you really truly get to know my character on his own terms and then – he dies. 

My goal is absolutely to have readers sobbing. 

But these are all theoretical ideas right now; I haven’t gotten to writing those parts just yet.

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