I am woefully behind on #WriterLifeMonth, so I’m going to be spamming this blog with some posts!

Day 13: Fave book in fave genre.

This one is easy. The Color Purple by Alice Walker. This book masterfully uses first person to capture all the nuances, complexities, and contradictions of what it is to be human.

Day 14: Fave writing book/blog.

On Writing by Stephen King remains my favorite. It’s practical and no-nonsense. 

Day 15: Writing tool/software.

I have a Chromebook, and thus I use Google documents for everything. It saves automatically. I don’t have to worry about losing information if a computer crashes. I can also sync Google Drive files with other writing programs I use, like Trello.

And Trello – wow do I love this program. It basically lets me organize everything from project drafts and brainstorming notes, to where I’ve submitted work for publication, etc. Being able to organize helps so much, because then I can visually see my progress.

Day 16: Where you write.

I write in a saggy red chair which I’ve had since I was an undergraduate. It’s lovely and soft, but not too soft. When I write I have my Chromebook in my lap, my tea to the right, on a little table, and my phone so I can listen to music. It’s a pretty cozy set-up that I have. 

Sometimes I write in my car during lunch while I am at work, or, an empty classroom. So long as no-one bothers me, it’s good. 

Day 17: Where you relax.

Usually the couch. Or while taking walks, or cooking. It’s nice to do something physical after writing.

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