Post-It Note Poetry, Days 1 – 3

This year I am participating in Post-It Note Poetry. The basic idea is to write a poem a day for the month of February. The poem must fit on a single post-it note — hence “post-it note poetry”, or #pinp.

At risk of being redundant, I’m going to be posting my poems here so I can collect them in all in one easy to tag and locate place.


Gracious (Day 1)


and ice cream.


God is gracious.



Miracle (Day 2)


Sweater weather.

For once I don’t have to bind

But pull the wool over my head

Bulky enough to hide my breasts

Straight onto skin

No tightness, no barriers

Just this soft, warm miracle.



The Other Half (Day 3)

White belly

Ruffled hair

Soft lips.

Kisses like cool tea

Dark eyes half drowsy with sleep

And the other half, love.

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