#PINP17 Day 12

Not safe for work or children.



You: shoved against the wall.

Me: pressed hot against you.

I want blood.

I want cum.

I want you on tiptoes

As I enter you.

I want you crying out


As pleasure upon pleasure

Wracks your body.

This was, more or less, written from one of my characters’ point of view, with the “you” being his somewhat boyfriend. But you (my reader) can read it however you want.

As a bonus there are 3 previous drafts of this poem below the cut. They were the rough drafts. You can see how the poem evolved from draft to draft.



2 responses to “#PINP17 Day 12”

  1. Usually I wonder about the background to a poem, but with this I almost wish I’d not read on to the explanation. (I know, there is just no pleasing some people.)
    Very powerful – passion and anger? Or something else?

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    1. Passion and anger! They had a fight which kept them apart for weeks and well. Sometimes that ends in angry make-up sex.

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