His Aura Publication

Yesterday marked the publication of His Aura: A Collection of Transmasculine Erotica, which features, among many awesome pieces, two of my short stories, “Maddeningly Wonderful” and “A Honeycomb of Nerves”.

You can read more about the stories and their background in this blog post.

While there is an excerpt on the book’s page of my story “Maddeningly Wonderful”, I thought I’d offer another excerpt from that same story. This excerpt is right from the beginning. I hope you enjoy it. Also, please consider buying a copy of the anthology if well written erotica and trans men is your jam.

Jo’s wet, stepping out of the shower and into the bedroom, allowing the water to trickle down. Lean shoulders, supple spine, and an ass worth maiming for, at least in his personal estimation. In college he’d been the kind of girl to run around with short shorts which read “Juicy” on the ass. He’d made men — alright, college aged boys — stop in their tracks; more than a few women pursed their lips in serious consideration; and those indeterminate folk, well, plenty of them noticed too.

With great ass comes great responsibility, a friend of his once intoned, but he’d never given a shit about the responsibility part. With great ass came — well, how did he count the ways anymore? One way used to be bouncing through the nightclubs until the vague hours of the morning, when the lights hummed like xylophones and colors shrieked like poorly tuned violins. It was in those dark and bright spaces, between alleys, in the back of cars, in the bathroom stalls, that he’d let strangers hike up his skirt and get a proverbial piece of that ass (and more, depending on his mood and how much he’d had to drink).

Another way had come after transitioning, medically and otherwise, when he discovered that a great ass transcended gender altogether. In his early thirties, his ass was the unanticipated star of too many of his friend’s parties and gatherings: people he both knew and didn’t know, craning their heads for a glimpse.

And then there was Mark.

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