Theater is Dead; Long Live Theater

I recently came across someone’s blog post where they lamented theater in a COVID-19 world. They claimed that without live performances and human interaction, theater is effectively dead.


Because from where I’m standing, my students have access to plays via streaming services online. Just this last week I saw a dramatic reading of a play done via Zoom. And prior to that, I sent my own play to Project Outbreak which is part of a project to get actors and sound artists and playwrights working, so we can raise money for struggling theater artists.

Those are only three anecdotal pieces of evidence which contradict this idea of “the death of theater”. I am sure there are many more pieces of evidence. I am sure that in days to come, many more people will find ways to use technology in inventive ways to bring us theater.

Instead of naysaying, I think it’s time to roll up our proverbial sleeves and get to work with solving this problem, rather than thinking we are helpless and can’t do anything about it.

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