J. S. Kuiken was bred and born in Colorado. He earned his MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia, and was a 2013 Lambda Literary Fellow. He currently teaches English and Theater at Pikes Peak Community College. He also teaches fiction and scriptwriting at The Cottonwood Center for the Arts.

J. S. Kuiken writes about queer lives and experiences, teasing apart the easy categories we make for ourselves, instead reveling in the mercurial and, well, queer nature of identity. He is also focused on home and hearth, commenting on the nature of family, friendship, and love.

He has published in an assortment of magazines, including Cactus Heart, |tap|, and Bosie Magazine. You can view a complete catalogue of his publications here.

In addition to writing, J. S. Kuiken is a queer trans man.  He is an avid figure skating fan and loves archaeology (anything prior to the Bronze Age is golden). He has also traveled throughout Europe and the U.S., and hopes to travel to East Asia, Australia, and beyond.