You Should be Writing

Some of you are probably familiar with that “you should be writing meme”, wherein people take a picture of their favorite TV or film characters, and put the caption “you should be writing” on the picture. You can do a quick Google image search to get the gist of the idea. I have a few ofContinue reading “You Should be Writing”

Lambda Literary Fellowship

Long time no blog for me! It was a hectic spring semester for me, to say the least. But I bring very glad tidings: I have been awarded a Fellowship with the Lambda Literary Emerging Writer’s Retreat. I am still dazed and humbled over the fact that my work (and therefore, myself) were selected. I willContinue reading “Lambda Literary Fellowship”

My Nerd Cred, Let Me Show It You

Despite my better judgement, I have been sucked into Vikings on History channel. I say “despite my better judgement”, because I usually avoid overly violent shows, and shows with too much rape or implied rape. (Hey man, there are some things I just don’t enjoy watching.) But . . . I was also a ScandinavianContinue reading “My Nerd Cred, Let Me Show It You”

The Status is Not Quo: Sexism in Fantasy

This past week, I had the misfortune of speaking with another fantasy author who thought that sexism in medieval fantasy “makes sense”. She was defending another author’s sexist assumptions about a work we were critiquing. I gave her what I hoped was my best are you fucking kidding me? look before proceeding to explain the obvious: “It’s fantasy.Continue reading “The Status is Not Quo: Sexism in Fantasy”

On Irony and The Hobbit

I have been duly informed that The Hobbit commits the grave sin of trying to imbue the story and characters with filthy, degrading Irony, of all things!!! I believe that Irony has become so crassly omnipresent that it is the most debased form of wit, far lower than jokes about unpleasant bodily functions and moribundedContinue reading “On Irony and The Hobbit”

Hot Damn that is My Jam: the Use of the Second Person

I love second person. There I typed it. I will hopefully hit “Publish” later and then this will be released, in black and white kilobytes, for any and all who surf that world wide web to shake their heads over and “tsk” at. I know that second person is not the most popular out there.Continue reading “Hot Damn that is My Jam: the Use of the Second Person”

Fiction and (Not) Reality

Tonight at the monthly Colorado Springs Writers Reading Series, I had the privilege of reading “The Racehorse” in the company of some very fine and very generous writers who shared their work as well. Before reading I asked the audience if anyone liked horses or horse-racing. About half a dozen hands went up and aContinue reading “Fiction and (Not) Reality”

An Excerpt from “The Greek Boy”

Last night at the Colorado Springs Writers Read Series, I read an excerpt from my short story “The Greek Boy”, which is about Lord Byron. In the final months of his life, Lord Byron was preoccupied with two things: supporting the Greek struggle for independence against Turkey, and his fifteen year old page-boy, Lukas. ThisContinue reading “An Excerpt from “The Greek Boy””