Not an Isolated Incident

This was originally inspired by the suicide of Leelah Alcorn, and was originally posted to Tumblr. Sadly, this is a continuing issue in the trans community: that of parents abusing their trans children, psychologically and otherwise. Leelah, and others, are not isolated incidents. If they were, it would be as easy as saying these parentsContinue reading “Not an Isolated Incident”

His Aura Thefts

I wrote here about the publication of His Aura, an anthology of transmasculine erotica. I am not an erotica author, but I had a few pieces I’d written for a friend’s project which didn’t pan out and thus needed a home, so I submitted them. I was accepted. Gleefully, and trustingly, I signed the contract. And thenContinue reading “His Aura Thefts”

A Letter to My Younger Self

Dear 22-Year-Old Me: After getting over the shock of discovering your older self is, in fact, a man, and hairier, smellier, and grubbier than you currently are, I expect you might be a tiny bit disappointed. (But not with the impressively groomed facial stubble.) I know that you didn’t expect your life to be like this, thirteen years inContinue reading “A Letter to My Younger Self”

alone with the stars in the sky

While I have been neglectful of updating my site or submitting my fiction to magazines, it’s been a long damn year: I broke my ankle in three places last June, in an attempt to learn how to ice skate. I was still recovering well into December of last year. I totaled my car in aContinue reading “alone with the stars in the sky”

#writelifemay Day 1 – May Goals

I have to not give myself too many goals, because then I inevitably have more than I can handle, which means I won’t finish and then I’ll spend a few days hating myself over the not finishing of things. So. Goals for May: Submit all my short stories to one market or another. Send some of themContinue reading “#writelifemay Day 1 – May Goals”

The “B” Word

(Image: a smiling man pointing at the bisexual flag.) This article on bisexuality and bisexual people facing discrimination within the LGBT community gave me some food for thought the other day. Particularly about bisexuality in fiction, and male bisexuality in particular. I am writing a book with a male bisexual main character. After years of believingContinue reading “The “B” Word”