Ghost Girl

One night I dreamed about her … I held her close and breathed in her sweet, otherworldly scent. Nightscript VIII, October 2022.


Frightened kisses, the both of them trembling in one another’s arms, because nothing like this had happened before … Foglifter: Volume 5 Issue 2, 2020.

The Greek Boy

Twenty-seven years later, shortly before your life, like a letter, was completed, folded up and sealed … you found the boy. Bosie Magazine: Issue One, March 2018.

The Blind Tattooist

She named herself “Lucky”, because that’s what the men with the pipes had said. |tap|, June 2017.

Like Dying

Still, I began to understand something was wrong that day, while I was sitting in the hospital waiting room with my Mom. US Represented, March 2015.

They Are Life

I tell you: magic is the words I am giving you now. Magic is the stories others have poured into me, like water. Magic is the stories I now try to pour back into you. US Represented, March 2015.

Nothing Beyond This

That’s when I began to understand. Not why I had come to this place, so far from everything. I didn’t. I haven’t. It was all chance as far as I can tell. But I could see that I was nothing; we are but tiny things, tiny lives. US Represented, October 2013.

Man To Man

Nathan’s eyes dart towards the shirtless men. Quick, oblique, barely noticeable. Then he looks at Ben; the two of them smile, awkward, but aware of what they share. Cactus Heart Issue # 1, May 2012.

The Racehorse

A race against place and time. Copperfield Review, Spring 2011.


A child survives the death of his mother. Pieces on Paper, 2009.


A young man mourns his father. University of East Anglia Graduate Anthology, 2008.

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