Works in Progress

  • The Weight of the Impossible: Zach is talented junior competitive figure skater who struggles with his rage and gaping holes in his memory. When he meets Daniel, an extraordinarily patient coach, all of that just may change.
  • Bloom: Having survived melanoma and a divorce, Ben moves into a house with his best friend, David. Though he is straight, Ben develops feelings for David, and is surprised to have those feelings returned. Ben thus begins the difficult journey of questioning his sexuality and masculinity while also dealing with recover,
Short Stories:
  • “Love Like This”: Abandoned by his parents as a young child he is adopted by a wolf pack. As time passes and he grows into young adulthood, he becomes Old One, content to live out his life as the oldest member of his family, tending to the pups. Until, one day, a man comes, bringing strange songs and emotions with him.


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