Recent Publications


  • “The Greek Boy”: Of Lord Byron and love at the end of his life. Bosie Magazine: Issue One, January 2018.
  • “Maddeningly Wonderful”: “With great ass comes great responsibility, a friend of his once intoned, but he’d never given a shit about the responsibility part.” His Aura, September 2017.
  • “A Honeycomb of Nerves”: “His fingers, slick and hot inside me.” His Aura, September 2017.
  • “The Blind Tattooist”: “She named herself ‘Lucky’, because that’s what the men with the pipes had said.” |tap|, June 2017.
  • “Like Dying”: A man recalls a childhood incident. US Represented, March 2015.
  • “They Are Life”: A fearless woman and the power of language. US Represented, March 2015.
  • “Nothing Beyond This”: Love in the frozen north. US Represented, October 2013.
  • “Man To Man”: Two ranch hands and the promise of sex. Cactus Heart Issue # 1, May 2012.
  • “The Racehorse”: A race against place and time. Copperfield Review, Spring 2011.
  • “Knot”: A child survives the death of his mother. Pieces on Paper, 2009.
  • “Malcolm”: A young man mourns his father. University of East Anglia Graduate Anthology, 2008.

Creative Nonfiction

  • “Are You Fair?”: A breakdown of the “get thee to a nunnery” scene written for layfolk. U. S. Represented, September 2019.
  • “Dichotomous: An Answer in Two Parts”: On teaching and writing, and the dangers which lie between. Réarrange, Spring 2012.
  • “Nallyren”: A meditation on bisexuality. University of Colorado Honors Journal, 2004.


  • “Memory in the Sands”, “Moon-Wolf”, and “Psalm for the Airline Stewardess”: A small collection of poems. Women and the Art of Experience Art Exhibit, University of Colorado, 2003.


  • Rex: An English innkeeper tries to deceive tourists concerning the site of King Arthur’s grave, with humorous results. Young Playwright’s Workshop, Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Spring 2000.

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