The project I’ve spent the last six months on, The Weight of the Impossible, deals with a fifteen year old protagonist, Zach, who is a junior level competitive figure skater. As all teens do, he has a very particular lexicon. I found a graphic (on Twitter, I believe) which lists Generation Z terminology and jokinglyContinue reading “Mood”


Some Dude, reading my book: It’s so nice to read a book about dudesĀ being close. Me: Oh, thank you. I wanted to discuss emotional and sexual intimacy between men. Some Dude: What’s better than this, two men being bros andĀ getting boners around each other. Me: Uh, yeah . . . ? SD: Or two brosContinue reading “Bros”

The Short Fiction Writer’s Dilemma

Me: *writes 1000 word first chapter* Me: AreĀ you sure about that? First Chapter: Yes. Me: Are you sure you don’t need more words or something? First Chapter:Ā I’m sure. Me: Are you sure? I mean really, really sure? First Chapter: YES! [pause] Me: Really, really, really sure? First Chapter:Ā *sighs*