My Nerd Cred, Let Me Show It You

Despite my better judgement, I have been sucked into Vikings on History channel. I say “despite my better judgement”, because I usually avoid overly violent shows, and shows with too much rape or implied rape. (Hey man, there are some things I just don’t enjoy watching.)

But . . . I was also a Scandinavian Studies minor as an undergraduate, wherein I took courses on Vikings, Scandinavian folklore, and the Icelandic Sagas. So I was lured into the series for that reason, and find myself thoroughly entertained for the same reasons.

I don’t think Vikings is completely “accurate”, based on my limited experience and understanding. From what I do know though, is that they have the power dynamics of Old Norse societies down very strongly on some levels. I was freaking out about the trailer for next Sunday’s episode because it features the hero of the series, Ragnar, getting shot in the back with an arrow. 

DUDE. In context of Norse society, that is a huge diss, and rather cowardly. Ragnar’s enemies are not even going to face him like men, no, they are just going to shoot him in the back.

There are actual Old Norse words for men who shoot their enemies in the back, but I will not repeat them here.

Anyways. I am in love with this series, goddess and gods help me.

My friend M K Meredith, who writes romance novels, does a “Writing Wednesday” prompt on her Facebook every Wednesday. In her own words:

Writing Wednesday! I start, you finish…aren’t I nice?

I have been waiting to join in for some time. This week’s prompt, in conjunction with my recent love of Vikings, gave me an excuse to basically scribble some Vikings fanfiction.

And now I will share it with you internets. Because I am a nerd and I have no shame whatsoever.

MK’s original prompt is in italics. The ALL CAPS are all mine, readers. Oh yeah. FYI: this is the silly, rather than the smutty, kind of fanfiction. Sorry! If you want some of that I suggest you wander over to the Archive of Our Own and use the search functions. Believe me, if Vikings fanfic has has been written, then it is archived over there.

And not that I know based on personal experience or anything.

Hey, is that a Ragnar/Lagertha/Athelstan fic?

Remember: I own nothing nor make any profit off this, just for fun, etc etc etc.

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