The Minutiae of Life

I’ve been struggling mightily with my current project, a novella I have been working on since 2016. I have persisted through four drafts now, and I hope that the current draft, the fifth, will be closest to what I have wanted the project to be from the inception. But it’s been so damn hard toContinue reading “The Minutiae of Life”

Wolf and I

I was tagged on Facebook to list five things about my work in progress. I am on vacation from my novella and working instead on rewriting a short story. So here goes with facts about the short story: 1. The protagonist is a feral child (though, he’s not really a child), literally raised by wolves. 2.Continue reading “Wolf and I”


The project I’ve spent the last six months on, The Weight of the Impossible, deals with a fifteen year old protagonist, Zach, who is a junior level competitive figure skater. As all teens do, he has a very particular lexicon. I found a graphic (on Twitter, I believe) which lists Generation Z terminology and jokinglyContinue reading “Mood”

I am in the House of Mercy

I’ve been writing shorter fiction this summer, while I’m on a break from my main manuscript. This excerpt is from one of those pieces of shorter fiction, titled Queer as Love. The story follows a married couple as one of them transitions from female to male. This part comes after the narrator, who is the cisgender spouse,Continue reading “I am in the House of Mercy”

Light at the End

I am five chapters from finishing the second draft of my book. It will be 11 months and a little over 50,000 words of work on this draft. Edited to add: I will have written far more than 50,000 words for this draft. The 50k words are the words which survived editing and pruning to makeContinue reading “Light at the End”