#PINP17 Days 5 and 6

In the Night (Day 5) And in the night there you come hands like brands and lips like embers.   The Baby (Day 6) Little toes like pink snails. Little eyes onyx-dark. Little tummy soft as a sack of grain. Little tuft of hair a brown coil like darkened bronze. Little freckles skin like toastedContinue reading “#PINP17 Days 5 and 6”

Post-It Note Poetry, Days 1 – 3

This year I am participating in Post-It Note Poetry. The basic idea is to write a poem a day for the month of February. The poem must fit on a single post-it note — hence “post-it note poetry”, or #pinp. At risk of being redundant, I’m going to be posting my poems here so IContinue reading “Post-It Note Poetry, Days 1 – 3”