Queer, Here (?)

I’ve been getting back into submitting short stories and I am struck by the number of queer* journals and magazines handwaving their, well, queer content with phrases like “we don’t just publish queer content” or “it doesn’t have to be about that”. Okay mate, if you want to wuss out, be my guest. Because that isContinue reading “Queer, Here (?)”


Some Dude, reading my book: It’s so nice to read a book about dudes being close. Me: Oh, thank you. I wanted to discuss emotional and sexual intimacy between men. Some Dude: What’s better than this, two men being bros and getting boners around each other. Me: Uh, yeah . . . ? SD: Or two brosContinue reading “Bros”

We’re Not Here if We’re Queer

To be honest, I am always angry when people say they’re are publishing work by queer authors, but that the topics of the stories therein are not “limited” to LGBTQAI etc topics. I know they mean well, but what they are saying is that somehow, our unique identities and experiences are limiting. That somehow being queerContinue reading “We’re Not Here if We’re Queer”