alone with the stars in the sky

While I have been neglectful of updating my site or submitting my fiction to magazines, it’s been a long damn year: I broke my ankle in three places last June, in an attempt to learn how to ice skate. I was still recovering well into December of last year. I totaled my car in aContinue reading “alone with the stars in the sky”

Because of What We Know

The most recent TV show I’ve gotten into is called The Librarians. It’s a fantasy show, about a team of rag-tag folk who find themselves thrust into the position of “librarian”, which means defending the world from magic gone awry and going on adventures all over the world (and basically having the best job ever). Librarians are notContinue reading “Because of What We Know”

where I could not go wrong

I’m in love with Bob Dylan. Or, more precisely, his work. A week and a half ago I learned about Dylan winning the Nobel Prize in literature. I thought that was a fascinating choice, all things considered. I was not, by any stretch, a Bob Dylan fan. I asked my Introduction to Literature students whatContinue reading “where I could not go wrong”