His Aura Publication

Yesterday marked the publication of His Aura: A Collection of Transmasculine Erotica, which features, among many awesome pieces, two of my short stories, “Maddeningly Wonderful” and “A Honeycomb of Nerves”. You can read more about the stories and their background in this blog post. While there is an excerpt on the book’s page of my storyContinue reading “His Aura Publication”

That unfortunate moment when . . .

. . . you are neck deep in a longer work of fiction, and a short story from months ago decides to show up and demand attention. (Of course this story couldn’t have shown up when I was actively working on it. Why would it do that.)

Location, Location, Location

  (Image courtesy of kpgolfpro on Pixabay.) Yesterday, I spoke excitedly with a work friend about a short story I’m working on. It’s a story which I’ve had to rewrite completely, because the first draft was entirely abysmal — even beyond the point of rescue. The current draft of the story takes place in Florence. I was explaining this to my workContinue reading “Location, Location, Location”

Hot Damn that is My Jam: the Use of the Second Person

I love second person. There I typed it. I will hopefully hit “Publish” later and then this will be released, in black and white kilobytes, for any and all who surf that world wide web to shake their heads over and “tsk” at. I know that second person is not the most popular out there.Continue reading “Hot Damn that is My Jam: the Use of the Second Person”

Fiction and (Not) Reality

Tonight at the monthly Colorado Springs Writers Reading Series, I had the privilege of reading “The Racehorse” in the company of some very fine and very generous writers who shared their work as well. Before reading I asked the audience if anyone liked horses or horse-racing. About half a dozen hands went up and aContinue reading “Fiction and (Not) Reality”