Location, Location, Location

  (Image courtesy of kpgolfpro on Pixabay.) Yesterday, I spoke excitedly with a work friend about a short story I’m working on. It’s a story which I’ve had to rewrite completely, because the first draft was entirely abysmal — even beyond the point of rescue. The current draft of the story takes place in Florence. I was explaining this to my workContinue reading “Location, Location, Location”

Writing Process Blog Tour Redux

A few years ago I participated in a Writing Process Blog Tour. This was during a particularly crappy part of my life, when I was not very happy with myself, or anything in general. I recently rediscovered that blog post. First, I had to chuckle at myself and my verbosity (:/). Second, I had to marvel andContinue reading “Writing Process Blog Tour Redux”

Weekly Excerpt

I’m going to try posting a Weekly Excerpt each week. It will help me continue the habit of blogging regularly, which I started with #WriterLifeMonth. It will also give my existing readers something to read while we wait for my work to find a home and be published ( 🙂 ), and it will give newContinue reading “Weekly Excerpt”