#writelifemay Day 2 – WIP

So day two of #writelifemay is “WIP”, aka, work in progress. I wasn’t sure what to post and so settled on posting an excerpt from my work in progress. The official blurb for my current work in progress is: “Men ought to love men, and do.” Ben, a straight man, falls in love with his bestContinue reading “#writelifemay Day 2 – WIP”

#writelifemay Day 1 – May Goals

I have to not give myself too many goals, because then I inevitably have more than I can handle, which means I won’t finish and then I’ll spend a few days hating myself over the not finishing of things. So. Goals for May: Submit all my short stories to one market or another. Send some of themContinue reading “#writelifemay Day 1 – May Goals”