In Honor of Hidden Work

Earlier this week I reached my year goal to write 240,000 words. That is no mean feat; it’s the equivalent of four, 60,000 word novels. But where had all my words gone? I certainly didn’t write four novels. I did write short stories, and the first draft and half of a second draft of a novella.Continue reading “In Honor of Hidden Work”

That unfortunate moment when . . .

. . . you are neck deep in a longer work of fiction, and a short story from months ago decides to show up and demand attention. (Of course this story couldn’t have shown up when I was actively working on it. Why would it do that.)

The Short Fiction Writer’s Dilemma

Me: *writes 1000 word first chapter* Me: Are you sure about that? First Chapter: Yes. Me: Are you sure you don’t need more words or something? First Chapter: I’m sure. Me: Are you sure? I mean really, really sure? First Chapter: YES! [pause] Me: Really, really, really sure? First Chapter: *sighs*

Goal Oriented versus Task Oriented

In a couple of writing workshops I’ve attended, writers were encouraged to think of goals for each character, ie, a challenge or problem the character had to overcome which would signify change in the character. This is all fine and dandy, and seems to work for some people. The problem I always had that IContinue reading “Goal Oriented versus Task Oriented”