Works in Progress


  • Something Just Like This: Community college is bewildering enough without falling in love — with two people. In Something Just Like This, Emery, James, and Ren, three community college students, must navigate their budding relationship and the challenges of their lives: from midterms to PTSD to an ailing relative, to clashes with family, values, and traditions. (Completed draft.)
  • Araby: a short film adaptation of James Joyce’s short story “Araby” in which  a young boy falls in love and goes on a quest. (Completed draft.)
  • Cat: When Grace finds herself having the worst day of her life, a persistent feline keeps “stalking” her, leading on a road trip and series of adventures that change Grace’s life.


  • Concentro for Two Violins: After a pandemic has wiped out most of of the world, two woman find each other and fall in love. (Completed draft.) Read an excerpt here.