Works in Progress (WIPs)

The Weight of the Impossible

Novel. Zach, a 15-year-old competitive figure skater, wants nothing more than win the Freemont Open. Too bad he keeps having those stupid blackouts and leaves his own body. It all seems to go back to his ex, Laura, but he just can’t quite put his finger on it. Then there’s this hot coach, Daniel, who might just understand . . . and even help.

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Dancing Underneath You

Novel. In an ancient world, Sivas will do anything to save his sick son, Enaid. His loyal friend, Rigan, will follow him to the very ends of the earth, even if it means forsaking her own people. The mercurial and powerful shaman, Sydan, is haunted by a great and terrible loss which threatens to take everything from him. His apprentice, Pul’me, is uncertain about her place while she comes into her power as a woman and a shaman. The lives of these people intersect, criss-crossing through the past and the present in a tale about love, choice . . . and magic.

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